Sapienza style as a lifestyle. This is the meaning of the Sapienza Merchandising project, a line of products aimed at conveying the image and identity of Sapienza through its brand. Dressing and using Sapienza products means living and being part of the largest University in Europe, with over 700 years of history and 115,000 students. From sportswear and elegant garments to practical and colorful bags, from the most varied studio and office accessories to gadgets and gift items, Sapienza merchandising offers solutions suitable for all occasions, both play and institutional. Making use of the collaboration of the most prestigious companies in the various product sectors, Sapienza Merchandising guarantees quality of the fabrics and the offer. There has been no lack of social attention, respecting the environment, as in the case of hand-sewn bags by prisoners. Originally conceived by the Sapienza Design School, merchandising products are designed for all those who in various ways recognize themselves in the universities of excellence in the world, from students to alumni, from administrators to teachers, from tourists to citizens, businesses and more diverse organizations. Located in the heart of the university city and at the branch offices, the various sales points try to bring the territory closer to meet their needs, while the online showcase aims to consolidate the spirit of community belonging through a national and international visibility of the products that can be purchased. Support and spread Sapienza, buying the gadgets of the largest university in Europe and with over 700 years of history.